Therapeutic Services

“Healing is a Process, not an Event!”

  • 30 minute session       $45

  • 60 minute session       $80

  • 90 minute session       $115

  • 120 minute session     $155

  • Ultrasound/Cavitation added to any service $15
  • K-Tapping added to any service $20
  • K-Tapping 30 min stand-alone service $65.
  • Hot Stones or Bamboo added to any service $15

Therapeutic Massage Services

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is recommended to release tension of the deeper muscle tissues and for heavy pressure massage preferences. Please let your therapist know if you need this deeper work but prefer a gentler touch. Frequently thought of as “rub me harder”, Deep Tissue Massage is a skilled approach to addressing the deeper tissues of the body. Properly applied, this does not mean “hard” and should never hurt. Deep Tissue is firmer than relaxation massage but still embraces the soothing experience.

Many deeper structures can be addressed with light techniques, a way of finessing the tissues. The therapist is attempting to gain depth into the tissues and this has little to do with the actual pressure applied. If you have experienced a deep tissue massage in the past that left you bruised or in pain (more than minor “work-out” feeling sore), it was improperly applied. Pushing too hard, too fast through the tissues will be counter-productive breaking blood vessels and tearing the tissues being massaged. This microscopic damage leaves deeper rooted problems. If firm is what you want, be sure to tell your therapist and keep him or her posted if the pressure is too much or not enough as the session progresses. Your body feels pain as a warning that damage is happening or is about to happen. Listen to your body and remember that “No Pain, No Gain” does not apply to bodywork.

Lymphatic Drainage

Nicknamed the “Silent System”, our Lymphatics in short are our immune and “sewage” system. Most of us are familiar with the nodes around our neck. These nodes crush up large debris and are connected by vessels from our toes to our heads. They run the same path as the veins of the cardiovascular system but they only go one way, toward the heart. That means, the lymphatic system does not have the benefit of the heart’s pumping action to move lymph and pathogens through the tubes. The vessels rely on the body’s natural rhythms and movements to propel the lymph upward. The lymphatic system can bog down if a person is sedentary for too long or if it is overwhelmed by pathogens, lipids or large proteins.
This light touch modality is recommended for full body detoxification, frequent illness, immune system boost, drug detox, depression, edemas and surgical recovery especially the removal of lymph nodes such as mastectomy, cancers, “tummy-tucks” and liposuction, BBL and breast augmentations. Some cancer recovery programs benefit from Lymphatic Drainage sessions; ask your treating physician. Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy is available for those with Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Primary or Secondary Lymphedema, and Lipedema.Click Here for Additional Information

Myofascial Release

Fascial tissue surrounds every cell and connects the body’s tissues continuously from head to toe. This fascia holds us together and is our primary connective tissue. Fascial restrictions frequently cause postural distortions and pain patterns. Restrictions can occur for many reasons including physical and mental trauma. Myofascial Release (MFR) is a method of relieving long term pain patterns that tended to invade surrounding and far reaching regions of the body. MFR techniques usually begin with light compression, followed by decompression and gentle elongation of the tissues. The therapist sustains pressure and follows any motion that occurs three-dimensionally as the surrounding myofascial environment releases and eliminates or reduces the bracing or holding patterns in the subconscious tissue memory. MFR techniques are safe and highly effective in reducing pain, restoring motion and optimal function on a long-term basis treating the entire Myofascial complex. This is a gentle technique in most cases including compression, tissue and limb pulls, rocking, body lifts, spinal extension, range of motion and stretching but can be more aggressive when indicated. MFR can allow for emotional releases during treatment and is an important component to health and well-being. Please communicate goals with your therapist. Click Here for Additional Information

Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy is an educated approach to addressing compromised tissues. NMT employs a wide array of techniques aimed at helping the body to realign and heal itself. NMT techniques involve activating weak muscle groups and sedating over-powering muscle groups. The client is responsible for active and resistive exercises during and after the sessions. This service is therapeutic in nature and is for the individual with injuries, chronic pain patterns, structural imbalances or neuromuscular pathologies. It is recommended that the client appoints for a consultation prior to the first treatment or when a commitment is made to any therapy and wellness sessions. During this consultation short term and long term goals will be set and postural analysis may be made. Frequency and duration of sessions, home care and financial obligations will be discussed.
Recommended for muscle firing imbalances, “Charlie-horses”, postural shifts and structural balancing, chronic pain patterns including sciatic nerve pain, Carpal Tunnel pain, TMJ disorders, Whiplash, Thoracic Inlet-Outlet disorders, “frozen shoulder”, Scoliosis, sub-occipital pain and headaches. Click Here for Additional Information

Deep Tissue for Prenatal

This service provides the therapeutic benefits of Deep Tissue Massage, modified for the expectant mother. Massage during pregnancy can relieve stress associated with a changing body and center of gravity, muscles aches, mental fatigue and tension. Increased circulation improves overall health, detoxification, blood pressure and swelling. Prenatal massage can be provided safely from 10 weeks through delivery at or around 40 weeks. All massage tables at The Barbara White Massage Studio are prenatal tables so the mother-to-be can comfortably lie face down on her belly for the massage.


Commonly thought of as a foot massage, Reflexology is a much more specific practice than that. This ancient art of applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands and ears uses the body’s energy meridians to help the body heal itself. Reflexology does not “massage” the foot. Rather, it applies pressure to specific points and work is done typically in tender areas. This therapy should not “hurt” but may be slightly uncomfortable in areas of stagnant or excessive energy/nerve activity. Try this meditative treatment and enjoy an ancient healing art.


Shiatsu, meaning “finger pressure”, is a Japanese form of finger pressure massage applied to balance energy pathways of the body and restore proper flow to the body’s organs and tissues. The session is typically conducted with the client fully clothed. Stretches and Range of Motion are utilized along with pressure techniques (fingers, fists, palms, elbows and knees) to release tension patterns along 12 traditional energy meridians and access Qi (energy) in those meridians. During a session, Qi stagnation and deficiency are balanced to reduce musculoskeletal dysfunctions that are rooted deeper than overuse strain patterns and tend to result from anger, grief, joy, fear and sympathy imbalances. The functioning of organ systems and absence of disease depend on proper balance of Qi. Body, Mind and Spirit are all three addressed. There are 12 primary meridians and 2 extraordinary meridians that are characteristic of TCM and Shiatsu sessions.

Thai Massage

Nicknamed “lazy man’s yoga”, this dynamic bodyworking system comes from Thailand and is typically provided fully clothed. The body’s energy channels are compressed, rocked and stretched to balance energies and increase range of motion. The stretches provided throughout this session open the body’s joints, reduces stress and tension patterns, lengthens muscles and improves the range of motion across the whole body. The body’s ability to move is important in regaining and maintaining health. Enjoy this incredible Massage.