Congratulations Jaclyn Parker, LMT

At Lymphatic & Massage Studio we do so much more than Lymphatics or Massage. We encourage and grow our therapists to be the best in their fields. Offering many forms of Medical Massage and Bodyworks, Myofascial Release is among our most successful therapies.

Please help us congratulate Jaclyn in her completion of John Barnes Myofascial Release Module and growth within the MFR community.

Jaclyn Parker, LMT

In Jaclyn’s words upon return, she said,
“I went into this Myofascial Release Class expecting to learn a new modality, instead I left with a profound feeling that this was way more, it was a shift in the paradigm inside me, it opened my mind to everything I didn’t expect and everything I somehow knew all along about the human body the insertions and origins of muscles, the fascia that interconnects that flows through every part of my body and its relationship to the mind, emotions, and even our soul.

Myofascial Release to me is not only a modality of deep massage that can unfasten restrictions in the body and relieve chronic pain, if done correctly it creates a sacred space, free from judgment, a place where the mind body connection takes over and the possibilities of emotional or physical  trauma locked tight within the fascia and every cell of our being can be set free, we can experience total release from the past so we can live in what John Barnes calls the true essence of who we were meant to be. Sometimes It can be more than a Deep Massage and it only moves you beyond what you are comfortable facing. I am thrilled to now offer MFR at Barbara White Massage Studio.”

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