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I am excited to announce that after my initial lymphatic drainage certification 20 years ago and the past 16 years as a lymphatic instructor I have added a big new certification and another set of important initials to the end of my name.

Earlier this month I completed a 135-hour certification program in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy. I am now qualified to sit for the LANA exam (Lymphatic Association of North America) and I will be preparing to add that set of initials to my alphabet soup within the year. These new certifications are the credentials required to work for MD Anderson or other similar facilities and are a huge accomplishment. My intentions are to continue private practice while serving this population.

I have practiced Manual Lymphatic Drainage for 20 years serving those who need an immune system boost, frequently ill, those with Lyme Disease, ALS, Rheumatoid Arthritis and more. In my practice, MLD has been used in detoxification programs for general health or smoking cessation and recovery from drug dependency. Manual Lymphatic Drainage has been the most important tool in working with Post-Op patients including liposuction, tummy tucks, BBL fat transfer, breast augmentation and in recovery from cancer treatments such as mastectomies, lymph node dissection (removal) and radiation. Many types of cancer and treatments benefit from lymphatic drainage and frequently is a requirement by the physician.

The population that I have only minimally treated are those struggling with advanced stage chronic venous insufficiencies, lymphedema and lipedema. Previously, I have accepted those with minimal swelling and pitting. I have worked with a few that present with advanced stages because the resources were not available in the area and some help was better than none. I have now trained and certified to fill that gap. I am accepting patients with early and advanced stage lymphedemas (swelling) both from primary (congenital) and secondary (post-traumatic including cancer treatments).

Complete Decongestive Therapy includes evaluation of the skin for common infections caused by long-standing lymphedema, low pH moisturizers to prevent or reduce likelihood of developing a skin pathology, Manual Lymphatic Drainage to reduce swelling/protein-rich fluid accumulations, soft tissue techniques to break up fibrosis, and compressive bandaging to maintain the gains achieved during the session. While wearing the compression bandages, lymphatic drainage continues to occur and greater reduction is seen. Without wearing these bandages, fluid re-accumulates and progress is not achieved. The decongestive stage lasts for 2-4 weeks and occasionally longer in extreme cases. Once that process is complete and normal limb or region dimensions are achieved, compression garments are frequently needed to maintain. Lymphedema is a life-long progressive disease that if not recognized and treated early tends to progress sometimes to debilitating and life altering stages. Don’t ignore the signs and symptoms no matter how small or large they may be. Beaumont now has a specialist to help you achieve and maintain health.


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  1. Barbara! This is awesome. I need your help in a bad way. I have been busy and neglected my leg. I see you are in Beaumont, which is wonderful because I am over there often. I will call for an appointment! ♥️ Molly

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